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The Writer's Crucible Meditations on Emotion, Being and Creativity

Phil Kenney

Philip Kenney is a practicing psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He is the author of the novel, Radiance, and a collection of poetry entitled, Where Roses Bloom.

The Writer's Crucible
Meditations on Emotion, Being and Creativity

The Writer's Crucible provides a detailed map for navigating the turbulent emotional waters of a creative life. Writers will come to understand the psychology of vulnerability, perhaps the most common of which is a persistent sense of not being good enough. This troubling insecurity is often present in even the most successful writers; they too are subject to undermining episodes of self-doubt. To help manage this core experience, The Writer's Crucible offers an in depth exploration of the psychological underpinnings governing the internal narrative, "I am not enough." Readers will learn to undo emotional constrictions and connect with an inner source of spiritual nourishment, allowing inspiration to move with greater freedom. The Writer's Crucible is not a book that tells you how to write—it is one that shows you how to be a writer.

There is so much wisdom and gentle love in this book. Kenney's message for writers, "as one of you, for all of us," shepherds us to our deeper selves where we can learn to confront and overcome the sometimes crippling shame that keeps us from the intrinsic goodness of our creative selves.

— Suzy Vitello Author of The Moment Before and The Empress Chronicles

The fact that The Writer's Crucible holds much more than exercises or mediations and addresses the heart of what keeps a writer from being effective and meaningful makes it a top recommendation for writers who struggle to achieve their best against the barriers of anxiety, self-deprecation, and fear.

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

To say The Writer's Crucible is enlightening and covers a great deal of ground would be an understatement and I am sure it will attract many followers attracted to its many takeaways. And as stated on the back cover of the book: "it is not a book that tells you how to write-it is one that shows you how to be a writer."

— Norm Goldman, Bookpleasures

In Conversation With Philip Kenney Author of The Writer's Crucible: Meditations on Emotion, Being, and Creativity welcomes as our guest Philip Kenney author of The Writer's Crucible:

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