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Only This Step
haiku by Philip Kenney

Only This Step, haiku by Philip Kenney

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Phil Kenney

Philip Kenney is a practicing psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon. He did his post-graduate work in British Object Relations at the Washington D.C. School of Psychiatry and has taught Self Psychology as part of his private practice. A long time meditator and poet, Mr. Kenney is the author of the novel, Radiance, and a collection of poetry, Where Roses Bloom. He strives to bring together the worlds of psychology, creativity and spirituality in his work and is the author of a new book on those subjects entitled, The Writer's Crucible: Meditations on Emotion, Being and Creativity.

Welcome to my website. I practice psychotherapy and am the author of two novels, a collection of poetry and a new book on creativity. My work is shaped by a belief that psychology, creativity and spirituality are not separate domains, but intimately connected aspects of a force that moves through us all.

So please, come visit these pages where you will learn something of my thoughts on therapy, why I write and what I care about. There are blogs and interviews to read, and introductions to books I have written. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Only This Step, haiku by Philip Kenney

With subtlety and directness these haiku illuminate again and again the astonishing realities of the world and consciousness itself. Whether in the yearning of a windchime, or the hunger to realize the patience of a tree readers of Only This Step will find that these poems open the mind to new ways of seeing and experiencing.

Praise for Only This Step

In these delightful poems, Philip Kenney pays homage to the great haiku masters and brings a fresh energy and perspective to the form. Again and again, Kenney shows us that when we look closely, mindfully, at the world, we are liberated from the constrictions of ego.

— John Brehm, author of No Day at the Beach and The Dharma of Poetry

The best poetry helps us get close to something fundamental, something true, something that we feel in our bones, but can't quite formulate into words. Then you read the poem and say "Yes! That's it. That's how I feel!" The haiku in Phil Kenney's Only This Step do just that.

— Lucy Adkins, author of Two-Toned Dress, co-author of Writing in Community and The Fire Inside

Interviews with Philip on Only This Step.

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