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The Writer's Crucible Meditations on Emotion, Being and Creativity

Phil Kenney

Philip Kenney is a practicing psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon. He did his post-graduate work in British Object Relations at the Washington D.C. School of Psychiatry and has taught Self Psychology as part of his private practice. A long time meditator and poet, Mr. Kenney is the author of the novel, Radiance, and a collection of poetry, Where Roses Bloom. He strives to bring together the worlds of psychology, creativity and spirituality in his work and is the author of a new book on those subjects entitled, The Writer's Crucible: Meditations on Emotion, Being and Creativity.

Archive for May, 2013

May 13, 2013

Walking the Silly Walk

Shortly before moving to the West Coast in 1975, I discovered the Monty Python show on PBS. It was a Sunday night and I was alone in my apartment in Westport, Connecticut when I stumbled quite accidently upon the wacky crew of Brits. John Cheese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones and Michael Palin … + read more

May 4, 2013

Enough IS Enough

My patients are better therapists than I am. Sure, I do a lot to facilitate the process of discovery, but in every case, though I may shine my flashlight into the depths of the psychic basement, it is the individual on the couch calling out, “over here, I’m over here.” In other words, it is the … + read more

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